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Your own annual pass means you will save money; can let your little adventurers play and learn while you socialise with family or friends! Indulge in hours of unlimited play!
unlimited visits to our award winning park!
Please note our Annual Pass system will be growing up and going through an upgrade between 27th Feb and 7th March. If you would like to purchase or renew a pass during this time you can do so by popping into see us or calling 01202 622 022. During this period you will get the online price as advertised in our brochure.

Making memories to treasure starts here. Imagine becoming a member of Farmer Palmers "Family" and making us your 2nd home!

We want to be with you, literally, every step of the way as your child achieves all of the milestones in their development and growth.

Our team are focussed on making you smile and we are designed to give your children as much farm park fun as they can handle!

Benefits include:

Enabling you to enjoy unlimited visits, some customers come 40 times a year!
Rest assured that after 5 visits you're coming in for FREE!
Save more money as we won't charge for your child celebrating their birthday here.
You can invite unlimited adult guests.

What does it cost to upgrade my day visit to an Annual Pass?

New Passes bought on site are £45.00 ea
Want to get a discount on this price? Buy or Renew online now, from the comfort of your own home. (see below)

Already here? Did you know we will take today's paid, individual admission off and upgrade to an individual pass (i.e. £45 less £8.95 paid to come in = £36.05 to pay in the shop, BEFORE YOU LEAVE
That way you got an opportunity to try before you buy! Unlimited Hours of fun for approx. 90p a week! The more you use us, the better value we are!

Brilliant for... Toddlers, half day or all day, and little ones anytime. 4 year olds who can come in after school, at weekends and school holidays. Your independent under 8's who want to interact, engage and play. Mums who want coffee, to socialise and catch up with each other. Anyone looking for excellent value! Dorset's award winning Farm Park can now be your second home!

Now for the Annual Pass Regulation Agreement Info. Click here to download.

annual membership prices 2017
Only £45.00
or £43.00pp online
welcome back
Renewal £41
per person online

Child 3+
Only £45.00
or £43 pp online
welcome back
Renewal £41
per person online

Child 2yrs
Only £21.00
or £20 pp online
Until 3yrs old

OAP/Disabled /Carers
Only £40
welcome back
£38pp online
Buy Before
You Visit
Save Money
2017 of fun
Ewe Know It Makes Sense

"Mum I want to go to Farmer Palmers Again" We have the solution to make it easy for you :)
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