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Annual Passes, join our family today! All visits will require you to SIGN IN via your Annual pass portal to reserve tickets. All you need is your EMAIL ADDRESS and a PASSWORD (not your pass number!)
unlimited visits to our award winning park!
SO THAT YOU DO NOT MISS OUT - Now that we are planning to open for pass holders for the 1st week from 4th July to 10th July we are in the process of adding lost time to current passes, all 5800 of you. Please see our news page for more info and if you were thinking of renewing DO IT NOW if you do not want to wait to come in from 11th July.
All visits will require you to SIGN IN via your Annual pass portal to reserve tickets.
All you need is your EMAIL ADDRESS and a PASSWORD (not your pass number!) so do not worry if you have not collected your card, you do not need it to reserve tickets.

Renew before opening to be ready for our new online reservation system (to comply with the temporary measures social distancing has placed upon us)
TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU: We now have an easy pay option to spread the cost over 3 months so YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MISS OUT ON YOUR RENEWAL DISCOUNT.


that were valid on 21.3.20 but are now expired- you did not renew: We have calculated time lost between 21.3.20 and your expiry TO THE NEAREST CALENDAR MONTH. Fortunately, your account will stay live but the overrun on renewal date will mean you will simply pay the renewal on the door price. Don't worry, you'll still be able to renew from the comfort of your own home when you are ready..

Considering a pass?

Check out our answers to FAQ's click here .

How do I purchase a BRAND NEW pass?

Designed for those who have NEVER OWNED A PASS before. Simply click on the BIG "BUY NOW " above to go to our secure purchasing page.
Due to Temporary Shut Down we promise to set your start date on the day of opening or your first visit within 1 month of opening.
We would normally aim to create your Farmer Palmer's Annual Pass within 5 working days.

RENEWALS for Existing Members

You will automatically be sent a reminder 7 days before expiry. Please use the Online Renewal page (see link above). If you have any issues using the online renewal system please either email passes@farmerpalmers.co.uk or phone 01202 622022 (currently leave message) and our friendly team will help you.

If your email address is up to date on our system we will be sending you 2 reminder emails to help you know when your pass is going to expire. click here to RENEW.

Have you heard about the Bump to Baby Three Month Free Trial Passes?

Due To Coronavirus Temporary Closure, we are currently uncertain if the September release of new ones will be available. Those with passes from January, February and March will get their lost time back, this may be staggered from September. Please sign up to our newsletters to get the news as we get it. 02.07.2020

To avoid any confusion, the Autumn releases of 'Bump to Baby' Passes is on hold. Existing B2B pass holders will receive some time back. (Valid Jan 20 cards = 1 month, Valid Feb 20 Cards = 2 months, valid March cards = 3 months.) If you had signed up but not received your card yet you will be contacted, and even though your baby has been busy growing during lockdown, we will have you on record and welcome you. This lost time
may not be added immediately
we re-open if we are on some social distancing measures as this pass is a Free Entry Pass. (Membership T&C's ) please read your monthly 'Bump to Baby' community newsletters. .

Pass Type On The Door NEW Online NEW On The Door RENEWAL Online RENEWAL
Adult £58.00 £50.00 £49.99 £45.00
Child £58.00 £50.00 £49.99 £45.00
2 Year Old £28.50 £24.00 renew to 3yr old renew to 3yr old
OAP £52.00 £44.00 £45.00 £40.00
Disabled / Carer Each £52.00 £44.00 £45.00 £40.00
Winter Warmer (Sept-March) £29.00 N/A N/A N/A
Bump to Baby 3 Month Trail Pass FREE N/A N/A N/A
Bump to Baby Adult Annual Pass Upgrade N/A N/A £45.00 N/A
Me or You £84.00 N/A £74.00 N/A

You can be purchase vouchers from the Shop Reception. Available in multiples of £10. Perfect for Birthday/Christmas family gifts!

You can click here to download the Annual Pass Regulation Agreement Info

(Annual Pass Account Holders may request to cancel passes under certain circumstances, however refunds will not be given. Please contact us).


It is important we support each other. If you are unsure about renewing your passes, our business still needs your support. Please sign up to our newsletters to keep yourself up to date.


Your favourite farm park but with a few changes. These include; essential online pre-booked tickets for paid admission & Annual Pass holders book with our reservation system via your pass online portal.
Expect daily admission limits in place; separate Morning and Afternoon sessions; the safety of our team and visitors remains a priority. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please accept we don't have all the answers but we are doing all we can. Last updated 02.07.2020

annual membership prices 2020
Only £58.00
or £50pp online
welcome back
Renewal £45
per person online

Child 3+
Only £58.00
or £50 pp online
welcome back
Renewal £45
per person online

Child 2yrs
Only £28.50
or £24pp online
Until 3yrs old

Disabled /Carers
Only £52 each
or £44 pp online
welcome back
£40pp online
OAP (65yrs+)
Only £52
or £44 pp online
welcome back
£40pp online

"Mum I want to go to Farmer Palmers Again" Ta Dah :)