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Feb 1st 2016 Back to latest news

Childrens Birthday Party Fun at Farmer Palmer’s!

A Childrens Birthday Party at Farmer Palmer’s is Farm-Tastic Fun for Little Party Poppers!

In 2015 we launched our NEW party rooms and little VIPs are having so much fun making memories! There are now 4 animal themed rooms; Guinea Pig Hutch, Cow Yard, Pony Stable and the Sheep Pen , each one has been delightfully decorated by a local artist.

There is so much included in a Farmer Palmer’s party, it’s easy to see why they are so popular! For full details please visit our dedicated party pages (LINK).

It gets even BETTER! This spring we will be launching an ONLINE BOOKING system for your children’s parties too! So you can book from the comfort of your own home!

UPDATE: Online birthday party bookings are now available! Book Now