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Oct 8th 2015 Back to latest news

Christmas at Farmer Palmer’s
Author: Emma

At this festive time of year we understand the excitement of the children, but find the excitement of the parents awesome.

When we announced, via Facebook that Our Father Christmas was going to visit on the weekends in December the responses from the mums were lovely

“us too, I haven’t told my daughter yet, I’m probably more excited.”

Elfin-like magic put decorations around the Farm Park, festive cheer and dressing up is the order of the day. Weekend staff team members evolve into elves, donkeys, Mother Christmas and glitter fairies!

We acknowledge that pre-booking tickets weeks before runs the risk that if you can not make it “on the day” there could be disappointment. The Farmer Palmers answer… Turn up and, pay normal admission (or not if you have one of our brilliant annual passes) and then choose an available times lot to,see the “man with the beard! Simple and it is always a bit of a giggle!