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Feb 10th 2020 Back to latest news

Love is in the Hair!

Love is in the Hair at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park!

Heart-shaped markings on a gorgeous Goat kid

A Valentine’s Gift for Animal Lovers

Looking for a Valentine’s Gift for the Animal Lover in your life? How about a day out on the farm? It’s a day out with a difference!

Guinea Pig Kisses

Unusual Animal Couples and Friends on the Farm

Toby (the Minature Medirannean Donkey) and Sunny Jim (the Minature English Spotted Pony) have been best friends since they first set eyes on each other! You can often find them in the same pen at the park and you’ll definitely hear Toby if Sunny Jim has decided to play hide-and-seek!

Toby and Sunny Jim are the best of friends


Alpacas and Sheep can live together. Alpacas are very good as guard dogs! (Do you know the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama? Find out here). They sometimes live in the same field as our Ewes with young lambs for protection.

Boys will be boys! Suffolk Rams and Pygmy Goat Billies live together in a ‘Bachelor’ herd on the farm park throughout most of the year (they can’t stay with the girls all year round for obvious reasons!).

Mr. Dahl and Miss Muffet

These fluffy friends are Mr. Dahl and Miss Muffet, two of our grooming ponies. You can often find them together in the Animal Barn.

And sometimes; love is found in the job you do! The Animal Barn Team at Farmer Palmer’s are passionate about the animals they look after, often getting lots of lovely (if a little surprising!) kisses as they go about their working day! Zena is just about to get a lovely sloppy kiss from May the Cow in this photo!

Zena and May the Cow

Together for Ever

Most species of Swans and Geese mate for life. Although we humans may like to think of this bonding as romantic, the birds themselves have other reasons!

Birds often spend a lot of energy attracting and showing off to their potential mates. So to save energy for their long journeys each year, migratory birds often pair for life. This way they don’t have to go through the whole ‘song and dance’ each year!

It’s all about the experience! As a mating pair produces a brood together each year, they get better at caring for them through their experience as parents. This increases the chance of their offspring surviving.

The Perfect Gift for the Animal Lover in Your Life!

Gift Vouchers make farm-tastic gifts for animal lovers! The ‘flexi’ option allows you to pre-load the voucher to a value between £15.00 and £100.00. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face! Give the gift of experience (and animal cuddles!) this Valentine’s Day! You can enjoy a wonderful family day out together meeting Guinea Pigs, grooming Ponies, tickling Pigs and much moooore! Gift vouchers can be used in the Shop as well as on Admission, you don’t even have to visit the park if you just want to pop in for a little retail therapy! We have lots of lovely animal-themed gift ideas, come and take a look. Gift Vouchers are available to purchase from our online shop.

Not satisfied with a one-time visit? Step it up a level with your gift-giving and treat your loved on to an Annual Pass! Then you can visit as many times as you like for a whole year! If you want to share an Annual Pass with your partner, so either of you can bring the children for a visit, then take a look at our ‘Me OR You’ Pass option (it’s a little cheaper and a fab idea if you share childcare).

Dexter Cow and Calf

Is a Parent’s Love the Greatest Love of All?

Our gorgeous Dexter Cow (Minty) gave birth to her first Calf in February 2020. Although it was a difficult birth (as her little one was breech!) the Animal Barn team were amazing ‘midwives’ supporting her through the experience. Following the birth, it was incredible to witness the instant bond between mother and baby. It was quite emotional. Minty knew exactly what to do, nuzzling her baby, mooing gently and licking him clean. Is this TRUE love?


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‘Love is in the Hair’ Blog by Emma, 10th February 2020.