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Aug 28th 2019 Back to latest news

Why you need a Winter/School Starter Pass

Have you heard about Farmer Palmer’s Winter/School Starter Pass?

We understand that when your children reach school starter age there are lots of new feelings and questions running through your mind. “How will we adjust to the change in routine?”, “How will my child get on with the other children?”, “Will they make friends quickly?”, “Will they respect their teachers?”, “How much play time will we get together”?

Emotions can run high, it’s a BIG change and you suddenly realise . . . your little ones are growing up!

Educating children through group visits at Farmer Palmers

It’s an exciting time too! Because your circle of friends suddenly increases and there are new HOT topics up for discussion! “Which shop is doing the best deal on school uniform and stationery?”, “Where shall we go for coffee after the school run?”, “Shall we walk to school or set up a car share?”

There are some great resources online with top tips for preparing yourself and your child for starting school, like this one from 

One of the key points in this article suggests if you have younger children not yet at school starter age,they may miss their siblings, so distractions are good “Continue to visit favourite playgroups and parks. Arrange play dates, maybe with the younger siblings of children who have also just started school.”

Spending quality time with your child after school is important too.  Farmer Palmer Passes enable you to enjoy plenty of play time with your little ones. Be that during the school day with their younger brothers/sisters, or after school and with other Parents too! Remember; under 2’s gain FREE admission to Farmer Palmer’s.

Over 5,000 individuals have an Annual Pass to Farmer Palmer’s.

With 2,639 Parents (correct at time of writing), who make the most of the farm park with unlimited admission whenever the park is open, granting many hours of quality time together. Many of our pass holder parents also use their passes for after school visits. As this enables little ones to burn off extra energy and adults to take the opportunity to catch up with their children about the school day in a relaxed, fun environment. Little learners are usually hungry straight after school so the Hen House restaurant is great for snacks and meeting up with other Parents too.

We listen to our clients, and over the past few years we’ve noted parents of school-starter aged children haven’t been renewing their passes as they are unsure if they will visit enough to warrant the expense, with uncertainty about the financial commitment.

So we’ve come up with a solution! Because we care about our pass holder ‘family’ and want to offer you a great way to save money and still have lots of fun with your ‘babies’!

Enter the ‘Winter Warmer/School Starter Pass’


  • Only £24 per person
  • Valid from 1st September to 31st March the following year
  • Covers Halloween Half Term, Christmas* and February Half Term Admission
  • Equivalent to the cost of just 2.25 visits and less than £1 a week!**
  • Not available online, these special passes must be purchased from our Reception Team

The Winter Warmer/School Starter Pass is perfect for:

  • Experimenting – Because if you’re unsure if you’ll visit us 5 times or more (equivalent to the cost of a Full Annual Pass), this is an ideal opportunity to test your visit frequency! Need a little help? Our team have the technology to let you know how many times you’ve used your pass, just drop them an email to
  • Parents on a Budget – Because you don’t have to pay for a whole year in advance! These passes come in at under a £1 a week as they’re only £24 for 7 months of unlimited visits!*
  • Parents with younger Children not yet at School – to distract younger siblings who are missing their older brothers/sisters. Or to visit in the quieter months with your tiny tots for a great price!
  • After School Visits – Because the farm park is open until 5pm (this changes to 4pm when the clocks go back).
  • People who Value Quality and Excellent Service with a Warm Welcome – Because our Biomass Boiler will be working hard to keep us all warm through the colder months. The Hen House will be serving up delicious Sunday Roast Dinners. The Animal Barn will be bringing you and your little VIPs a FULL Timetable of Animal Events EVERY DAY** and the whole Farmer Palmer’s Team are ready to deliver you outstanding customer service, whenever you choose to visit!
  • Parents looking to Entertain their Children in Half Term – Because the Winter Warmer/School Starter Pass covers admission for Halloween Half Term (we’ve got a great reputation for low-key spooky fun for little ones; includes extra events that are a great alternative to traditional ‘trick-or-treating’) AND February Half Term!

So don’t miss out! If you’re reading this blog in early September this is the ideal opportunity to make the most of these special passes and pick yours up today from the farm park reception!

Reception at Farmer Palmer's

Further questions? Send our team a message to and they will be happy to help. Or visit our FAQ page.

Have a Farm-Tastic Visit!

Please Note: *Tickets to Meet Father Christmas are charged separately. ** The Farm Park is closed for Annual Winter Maintenance for a few weeks following Christmas, please see Times and Prices Page for full details