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We recognise that our company has an impact on the environment. Our ongoing aim is to reduce, re-use and re-cycle as much as possible.

Eco Farmer page is growing! We recognise that our company has an impact on the environment. Therefore it is our ongoing aim is to continue to identify activities and products that have an adverse impact. We've actively establish effective measures to minimise waste and energy consumption through implementing recycling, purchasing and monitoring policies. Consequently, it will lead to the efficient use of water and energy and long term resulting in improvements in cost control.

How We Support Other Green Tourism Businesses

What we're doing to keep our Eco promise:

  1. Green Tourism we offer other GTBS member businesses 10% off admission for their guests* (terms apply).
  2. Public Transport. We work with two local bus companies to promote public transport, with a bus stop right outside our site and 10% discount off admission for visitors with a valid bus ticket
  3. The Hen House Restaurant has it's own Energy Performance Asset rating. We scored 54 with a C Rating - not bad for a converted silage pit!
  4. Green Energy installed 48 photo-voltaic solar panels on the Hen House roof.
  5. We have a Genysis solar water heater for the restaurant.
  6. Our sewerage treatment plant returns treated water to the river (monitored to prevent pollution) and our cardboard/plastic crusher is kept very busy
  7. Clear recycling bins around the park for visitor use, with visual prompts for which items should go in them
  8. Battery recycling bin
  9. Biomass boiler to heat hot water around the site, warm and toastie in the Winter!
  10. Supporting BUGLIFE found here. makes us feel good. Read their fantastic page to help save natures little guys who help protect the planet.

Please help us keep Eco by reading our Responsible Visitor Charter

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