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We recognise that our company has an impact on the environment. Our ongoing aim is to reduce, re-use and re-cycle as much as possible.

Eco Farmer - We are guardians of our farmland and the woodland we own. Maintaining the hedges, ditches, soil quality, animals, flora and fauna that live here are important to us. Dragonflies can be seen on our woodland walk river and ponds. The gardens we plant result in attracting bees to pollinate. Every Company's actions have a direct impact on the environment. It is our responsibility to consider this for for future generations.

What is Farmer Palmers doing to help save the planet?

As Farmers who have diversified these are some of the measures now in place :

  1. Giving  10% off admission for Green Tourism Partners Guests* (terms apply). 
  2. Reducing traffic by encouraging public transport. The bus stops at the end of our drive. We offer a 10% discount off admission for visitors with a valid bus ticket
  3.  Energy Performance Asset rating was assessed on the Hen House Restaurant. As a result we scored 54 with a C Rating - not bad for a converted silage pit!
  4. We harness the sun with our 48 photo-voltaic solar panels on the Hen House roof. Additionally we have a Genysis solar water heater for the Kitchen.
  5. Installing a biomass boiler therefore, reducing our environmental impact on electricity to provide hot water and heat.
  6. A huge onsite sewerage treatment tank makes us self sufficient, hence we return clean water to the River.
  7. Furthermore, recycling cardboard & plastic reduces the global deposits to landfill
  8. Another area we encourage clients to help us is to recycle their rubbish in labelled bins.
  9. Nature is important. We support charities including BUGLIFE found here. , British Dragonfly Society
As a consequence, it is our ongoing aim to continue to identify and reduce our environmental impact. We have effective measures to minimise waste and energy consumption through implementing recycling, purchasing and monitoring policies.

Please help us keep Eco by reading our Responsible Visitor Charter

Environmental Policy