Kids Animal Events are above all educationally fun!
Animal Events

Come along and learn all about the Animals at Farmer Palmer's! How much do you know about Ponies, Pigs and Goats?
Animal Events for Children
Goat Talk
Animal Events for Children offer a great opportunity to get close to all sorts of farm animals, learn about them and have fun too! The most popular animal events for children at Farmer Palmer's are  
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Our friendly reception team will show you a daily timetable of our animal events when you arrive, you are welcome to take a photo. Please refer to this throughout your visit and arrive at the demonstration areas at least 5 minutes before the event is due to start, our Animal Barn team run to a tight schedule! Enjoy seeing and learning about our animals, our team will be happy to answer your questions and always remember to wash you hands. Have fun everyone!

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Pony Talk