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Outdoor Cinema at Farmer Palmer’s

Outdoor Cinema Experience at Farmer Palmer’s! – Have you been yet?

Imagine being under the summer sky, with friends, having fun, sharing an experience that has never been in a Farmer’s Field Before!

Farmer Palmer’s is super excited and delighted to host:

A NEW Outdoor Cinema Experience with “Drive-In Theatres by German Events Ltd”

We are providing the field, they are providing the entertainment!

Drive-In Theatre Bournemouth and Poole at Farmer Palmers Farm Park


Friday 24th July: 101 Dalmatians
Gates open at 5.30pm, Movie at 6.30pm


Friday 24th July: Knives Out
Gates open at 8.30pm, Movie at 9.30pm


Saturday 25th July: Notting Hill
Gates open at 6.30pm, Movie at 7.30pm


Sunday 26th July: La La Land
Gates open at 6.30pm, Movie at 7.30pm


Thursday 30th July: Fast & Furious Hobbs and Shawn
Gates open at 6.30pm, Movie at 7.30pm


Friday 31st July: How To Train Your Dragon
Gates open at 5.30pm, Movie at 6.30pm


Friday 31st July: Dirty Dancing
Gates open at 8.30pm, Movie at 9.30pm


Sat 1 August: The Greatest Showman
Gates open at 5.30pm, Movie at 6.30pm


Sat 1st August: Back to the Future
Gates open at 8.30pm, Movie at 9.30pm



Sunday 2nd August: Aladdin
Gates open at 3pm, Movie at 4pm


Thurs 6th August: Parasite
Gates open at 7.00pm, Movie at 8pm


Fri 7th August: The Goonies
Gates open at 5.30pm, Movie at 6.30pm


Fri 7th August: Pulp Fiction
Gates open at 8.30pm, Movie at 9.30pm


Additional Films showing in August

  • Bridget Jones’s Diary
  • Bohemian Rapsody
  • Finding Nemo
  • The Great Gatsby
  • A star is Born
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • Pretty Woman
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix
  • Moulin Rouge

Make your bookings directly with the team at Drive-In Theatres

Click to Book Tickets

Get ready for a cinema experience like no other!

By coming to our Drive-In Theatre, you and your family can enjoy your favourite movies from the comfort of your car. We’ve made the process as easy as possible for you. Below, we have outlined how you can get the best out of our mobile cinema experience.

Buy Tickets Online

Simply hop online to the Box Office website and purchase your tickets for the outdoor cinema. You only need one ticket per vehicle, and you’ll need to add your car registration number within the booking process.

Arrive up to 60 minutes before the movie

When you arrive, we’ll already have your booking in our system. At the gate, we’ll check your details before guiding you into one of our allocated spaces. Keep in mind that if you are driving a large or high vehicle, such as a van or Jeep, we’ll ask you to park on the side as not to obstruct the view for other customers.

Enjoy the movie

When you arrive, we’ll provide you with a Bluetooth speaker for your car. Rest assured that the speakers are cleaned after every use. Once you’re parked up with snacks in hand, relax, and enjoy the on-screen entertainment.

Click to Book Tickets

Additional Information

Toilet Facilities

The provision of always clean toilets is guaranteed due to a continuous cleaning schedule. Our customer toilets are easy to access and see, thanks to signage guidance. Please socially distance appropriately whilst queuing. There will be two queues since female and male toilets are strictly separated. This will be controlled by our staff.

Bluetooth Speaker System

To receive the sound from the movie, there will be one Bluetooth speaker handed out to each car at the check-in. It will also be used to make public announcements to communicate any information for any given circumstance.

Arriving at the Drive-In Theatre

Guests will be greeted and guided from the Main Entrance by a clearly visible, large banner, showing our logo, the word “ENTRANCE”, and an arrow pointing in the corresponding direction. From there, our friendly, fully trained, and highly visible, uniformed staff will welcome each incoming car. Contactless check-in by scanning the already online registered number plates will make the traffic flow extraordinary fast. However, in case a number plate is not scannable, a manual check via printed paper list will help the cars moving.

Space Allocation

After the check-in, incoming cars will be guided by 2 traffic wardens via traffic control safety sticks with green or red flashing LED indicator. They will make sure that each car has the optimal parking position to the screen depending on parking spot availability and the individual vehicle height and will also check that cars each have 2 meters of space in between them (COVID-19 regulation). For safety reasons, after every third/fourth car row there will be an empty row. This accounts for an emergency row when customers wish to leave earlier from the site.

Food and Drink

No motion picture without popcorn & co.! Drinks, freshly made popcorn and nachos with different dipping sauces to choose from will give you the perfect cinema feeling.

Leaving after the Screening

About 10 minutes before the movie is about to finish, our staff will prepare for smooth area clearance. Likewise, when guests arrived, the exit is also clearly visible defined by a large banner, showing our logo, the word “EXIT”, and an arrow pointing in the corresponding direction. The 2 traffic wardens will guide exiting cars on their way towards Wareham Road and the A35, using the LED traffic control safety sticks, starting with the first row and continuing row by row till the last row is emptied.


SRM Security – a long term partner of German Events, will provide security at the events.


The Drive-Through Theatre Experience is being run independently to Farmer Palmer’s. We are just providing the field.

If you have a question about the event or need more information please contact them directly.

Contact Drive-In Theatre Team

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